What does it mean, to be in-progress?  Isn’t that the Coles Notes of life?  At its most basic aren’t we all ‘in-progress’?  The human condition is one of being eternally in-progress.

So, if we’re always in-progress, do we get to say we’re done?  As an Artist if progression equates to being ‘in-progress’, to then identify a project as finished and uttering those words ‘I’m done’ is a bit of a misnomer.  I have yet to finish a project that has turned out exactly as planned, as envisioned.  The project isn’t done; the project-maker is.

So, does that mean I haven’t been successful and by extension does that make me, or the project, a failure?  Maybe, at some level.  However, I choose to say that I experience successful-failures because I am, after all, ‘in-progress’.  I evaluate what worked, what didn’t and why.  Determine if I want to try again (in part/as a whole) or go on to the next inspiration.  All the while momentum pushes me along to the next project.

I would hope that my skills progress.  I would hope that my understanding of myself progresses.  But the beauty of being ‘in-progress’ is that there is always tomorrow to take things a little further, to dig a little deeper, or push a little harder.

For me progression isn’t about completion and and all the stuff related to being done.  It’s about the physical act of being ‘in-progress’.