“Thoughts of a Full-Time Sculptor”

My latest Life Marker - in progress

My latest Life Marker in progress

The life of a full-time Sculptor means being in the studio, always, every day, all day.  Which is great because, well, that’s all I want to do with my time!  Oddly enough (or maybe not) there is an added bonus; when my hands are busy, random (or maybe not) thoughts are free to run through my mind.  The really good ones have me reaching for my ever-present notebook.  Desperate to document the latest epiphany before it’s lost to me forever!

Until I am able to draft these awesome (or maybe not) thoughts into something worth sharing “Thoughts of a Full-Time Sculptor” is a work-in-progress.  In the mean time, enjoy my website and visit me on Facebook to see what I’m up to in the studio!