I have always felt the need to shape matter into my own concept of reality. As a child it was tinfoil, paper, found objects, and anything really, that would fit on the kitchen table. Now it’s more traditional materials, primarily wood, and my studio is the workspace. However, the necessity to create remains the same and I continue the search to determine what is valid and significant.

The forms I sculpt are a representation of my reaction to my environment. Freshly harvested, reclaimed from the forest floor or carried from the ocean’s edge, the journey of a single tree reflects my own existence. Brought to life through the encouragement of chisel and mallet; I strive to identify a year rich in moisture through a soaring curve, reflect injury from an external source in the negative space of an opening and allude to the harshness of resources denied on a crisp, unforgiving edge.

I seek to shape all of these influences into a single, balanced form, that in itself becomes real and holds meaning.

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