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The question that led to a series of aha moments

What’s my favorite piece? A couple of weeks ago someone asked me which of my sculptures is my favorite. It didn’t’ take me long to answer “Whatever I’m currently working on”. I answered quickly and with certainty, but oddly enough the question continues to echo in my thoughts.  So I began to wonder if maybe I answered too soon. I think the whole situation … Read More The question that led to a series of aha moments

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What’s Next?

Where do I go from here?  Creatively speaking I mean. I have been working on my Life Marker series for almost four years, tucking in other sculptural ideas and styles here and there, but now what? I could continue to focus on Life Markers; goodness knows life is giving me enough inspiration to draw from.  The sculptures are beautiful, moving, and an extremely effective … Read More What’s Next?


The Best Laid Plans

Well, we missed the ferry this morning.  Not missed exactly, because we were there and the ferry was there, but we were four vehicles (and one trailer) short of fitting.  So, rather than spend an hour waiting for the next ferry and knowing we would miss our connector to Vancouver (which would mean another two-hour wait), we decided to leave the ferry line up, … Read More The Best Laid Plans


‘Stay Busy’, Solid Advice

My husband always says ‘Stay busy, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just stay busy’.  He usually pulls this advice out when I’m obsessing over something that I either have no control over or to which I can’t find a solution.  Sometimes he says it before I even know I’ve begun to obsess.  He also likes to tell me ‘When Candace is busy working … Read More ‘Stay Busy’, Solid Advice


Living in two worlds

As we head home I can’t help but feel divided.  I’m excited to get back into the studio.  Eager to finish the project that sits on my work table and begin a new one with the driftwood we packed back from the beach.  Yet, at the same time, my chest has this hollow ache of melancholy that casts a shadow on the coming road … Read More Living in two worlds



Studio time is the most sacred part of my routine.  It carries the highest priority and is non-negotiable.  Yet time away from my studio is equally non-negotiable.  It feeds my creativity, provides inspiration and reaffirms my connection to a world beyond the isolation of the studio.  Even so, I can’t help but feel the pressure of leaving a project mid-stream, abandoned, as I head … Read More NON-NEGOTIABLE

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Happy Anniversary!

Four years ago this month I made the choice to pursue a lifelong dream.  To sculpt full time, all day, every day. Since then I have exchanged high heels and designer clothes for work boots and carhartt overalls. Instead of an office I have a studio that smells of cedar.  I used to spend my days with paperwork, emails and official documents.  Now I … Read More Happy Anniversary!

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What does it mean, to be in-progress?  Isn’t that the Coles Notes of life?  At its most basic aren’t we all ‘in-progress’?  The human condition is one of being eternally in-progress. So, if we’re always in-progress, do we get to say we’re done?  As an Artist if progression equates to being ‘in-progress’, to then identify a project as finished and uttering those words ‘I’m … Read More ‘IN-PROGRESS’

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“Thoughts of a Full-Time Sculptor”

The life of a full-time Sculptor means being in the studio, always, every day, all day.  Which is great because, well, that’s all I want to do with my time!  Oddly enough (or maybe not) there is an added bonus; when my hands are busy, random (or maybe not) thoughts are free to run through my mind.  The really good ones have me reaching for my ever-present … Read More “Thoughts of a Full-Time Sculptor”

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