The Studio

Without the art there is nothing to share, nothing to talk about, nothing to feel, nothing to connect us.  Marketing, self-promotion, website development, brochures, social media posts, the list goes on and on.   All of that is well-and-good and a necessary part of every artist’s career.  Strip all of that away however and what remains is the studio.  A solitary space that drives everything.  The studio is more than just a workshop filled with tools, it is the heart of what I do and everything is driven by its pulse.


The studio offers a place to reflect and meditate on the next form. A glance through the open door brings with it the sense of endless possibilities and a silent promise offered by the bare workbench.  Even the scent of it is intoxicating.  Untouched stacks of wood and slabs of cedar.  Old drawings, random thoughts on scraps of paper and half-finished ideas formed in clay.

The studio and what it contains, the memories it holds, the future it promises it is a steady, silent beat.

The studio, pushing me to find the next form.  The studio, pulling from me the next story.  The studio, a seemingly ordinary space filled with extraordinary potential.