Studio time is the most sacred part of my routine.  It carries the highest priority and is non-negotiable.  Yet time away from my studio is equally non-negotiable.  It feeds my creativity, provides inspiration and reaffirms my connection to a world beyond the isolation of the studio.  Even so, I can’t help but feel the pressure of leaving a project mid-stream, abandoned, as I head to Gabriola Island.

Temporarily on ‘pause’, the studio awaits my return.

While it may be the non-negotiable part of the equation that has me stepping out of the studio, I still protest at the interruption. When I close the door I purposefully leave a bit of a mess behind.  Sawdust on the floor and work bench.  Tools left where I last set them down.  A silent promise to myself and the project that I’ll be back.

I convince myself there are good reasons to take time away:

  • A renewed sense of purpose upon return.
  • Affirmation that the path I’ve chosen is the correct one.
  • New ideas and exciting project possibilities.

The list is endless and the logical part of my brain whole heartedly supports a trip to Gabriola.  Yet I still have to remind myself, a balanced life means occasionally giving the day-in, day-out part of creating a bit of a rest.  Easier said than done when I seem so well suited to the routine.  What will actually occur remains to be seen and the impact it will have on my art, well, only time will tell.  But what the past has proven, time and again, is that when stepping out of the studio something is always discovered.  Amazingly, it’s exactly what I’m searching for, even if I don’t yet know it.