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Inspiration hits, I follow it through to a full-fledged idea and then, into the studio to make it a reality. If only that’s how it worked but…it’s not that simple. Alright, it sometimes happens that way but not nearly as often as I’d like. For the past number of months I’ve been exploring fresh ideas, experimenting a bit and developing new skills. My forms … Read More IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE


Spring Cleaning

I just finished three weeks out of the studio. Vacation is great, but man am I ever happy to be back on the tools. Actually I was ready to return to the studio about a week into the trip.  I suspect if you were to ask, my husband could probably tell you the exact day based on my level of agitation. But hey, when you’re in the middle … Read More Spring Cleaning

+ Life Markers - October 2015, installation piece

Marker In The Making

I know you. Stood next to you among your brothers and sisters. Felt the same wind, sun, rain upon my skin. You know my inspiration. Have seen their face, heard their voice, felt their touch.