I wanted a part of my current sculpture project to be black. A black that wasn’t paint. A black that didn’t hide the fact the I was working with wood. A black that, from a distance, identifies form as a two dimensional silhouette. A black that was the wood and not something that sits on the surface. I wanted simplicity that also offered a sense of depth and complexity.

How do I make the idea become reality?
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Happy Anniversary!

Four years ago this month I made the choice to pursue a lifelong dream.  To sculpt full time, all day, every day.

Since then I have exchanged high heels and designer clothes for work boots and carhartt overalls. Instead of an office I have a studio that smells of cedar.  I used to spend my days with paperwork, emails and official documents.  Now I work with my hands, loud noisy tools or quiet meditative ones like a chisel and mallet.  I’ve left the office life behind and each day I eagerly reach for my face mask and ear protection.  My focus is now on the project that sits on my workbench.

Version 2

‘Reflection’ having the tenon shaped. Once fitted into a pine base it will never be seen again.

Over the years I have filled multiple journals.   Long hand, messy, poor grammar and with total disregard for spelling I scratch down my thoughts.  Sometimes it’s an idea for a new project or maybe a story about my current sculpture that fills the pages.  Other times it’s line after line of introspection about my journey.  Worries put on paper and doubts purged with black ink.  Where self discovery is made on page three.

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