A publication for the visual artist, Art of the Peace has been publishing semi-annual issues since 2003.  Issue 26, spring 2016, features my artwork in “Candace Sanderson: Passionate Heart, Poetic Soul”.  It tells my story, shares some of my process and includes comments from others in the art community.

“The sculptor is always quick to give credit to her artistic partner. ‘What I do is not much more than half the work,’ she says. ‘The wood provides most of the beauty.’ “



A 100% independent Alberta-base magazine, Archive features unique stories from across Canada. Their goal is to inspire people to enjoy the simple things in life. My work and perspective as a creative personality is featured in issue 4, summer 2017, An Artist’s Perspective

“growth rings are concentric circles existing beyond two dimensions…I give them a physicality in three dimensions in the form of the sphere that shows up in much of my work.”


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