The Artist Assembled

sanderson-the artist assembled-basswood-wenge

Basswood and Wenge
h12.5″ x w21″
Private Collection

I recognize that I am a collection of my parts, a myriad of building blocks created by accident, design, desire or necessity. Like the wooden blocks found in my childhood toy box, I can search through the pieces of myself and choose which parts to use, throw away or set aside for later use. I become an assemblage that can be taken apart and rebuilt upon a foundation that remains strong and true. With the passage of time, my life steadily fills with all manner of building blocks, some are predictable in nature and others are unexpected, their usage unclear. I suspect there are a finite number for me to build until the toy box that is my life becomes full and the lid is firmly set into place. Until then, the forms I can make are without end and I look forward to the pieces the future will provide.