Portals 1,2 and 3

sanderson-portals-basswood-canary wood

Basswood and Canary wood
Private Collections

We live in a world that bombards our senses, where normal is to have billboards screaming at us from every street corner and the noise of constant stimulation has become an expected distraction. It is a world that causes my soul to hunger for the pure form, where shadows and highlights are offered with quiet consideration. It is a world that leads me to search for the honesty reflected in a crisp edge, to desire the warm touch of a textured surface and to seek pierced openings that act as portals to my inner-self. I long to peer through these portals and view a world that has become extraordinary… to discover an aspen grove hidden in the midst of skyscrapers. I wish to step forward with curiosity aroused and wonder “What will I see?”