Candace Sanderson is a sculptor whose large scale, organic forms capture the relationship between humankind and its environment.  The interconnectedness of the Artist, her medium and subject of inspiration is revealed through sculptures rich with color and depth.  Candace’s use of line, volume, texture and visual symmetry encourages each sculpture to tell a story.
A resident of Alberta, Canada since birth, Candace now spends part of each year at her home on Gabriola Island in British Columbia.  Her current body of work reflects the influences of Canada’s West Coast yet remains grounded to the region that shaped her through the utilization of local wood as a symbolic anchor for her sculptures.  It is her choice of materials, cedar and fir she harvests on her island home in combination with beetle kill pine from Alberta, that create a balance indicative of her roots in Northern Alberta and experiences of island life.

Her creativity as a child carried forward into adulthood where, during studies at college, Candace was introduced to sculpting with wood and a passion was born.  Two years of postsecondary education resulted in a Visual Arts Diploma, the Euphemia McNaught award, student works in the Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) permanent collection and a solid foundation for a life of continued sculpting.

Candace now sculpts fulltime in her Alberta studio and visits Gabriola Island frequently during the year for inspiration, wood sourcing and the opportunity to fully immerse herself in nature.  Her work can be found in private collections and in the GPRC permanent collection.  She is currently working on a series of sculptures to capture the lessons nature and its creatures have shared over the years.  Lessons where the artist is, once again, the student.


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